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Does Chick Fil A Hire 14 Year Olds?

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A common question asked all the time when it comes to finding a job for teens at this restaurant is, “Does Chick Fil A hire 14 year olds or do you have to really be 16 years old to work there? The answer may probably surprise you!

There are actually a few states in the U.S. which allow a 14-year-old person to work a part-time job because federal law allows it. There are quite a few Chick Fil A franchise owners who do hire kids from 14 years on up and you need to check with your state laws to know, 1). if they allow 14 year-olds to work and  2). if so, which days they are allowed to work and how many hours they are limited to because of school work.

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For parents, it’s important to keep in mind how a student working part-time hours can be both positive and negative for them. For example, it may be positive for minors to take on the responsibility of working and managing their money but at the same time, it can be a negative experience if it affects their grades at school.

As parents, it’s always a difficult choice to allow our kids to work part-time but generally, children who perform well in school find working part-time very rewarding. Besides, they get to keep all or most of their earnings!

Chick Fil A Jobs For Seniors

If you haven’t noticed already, you will no doubt run into seniors working at Chick Fil A providing you their services with a hearty smile.  This restaurant chain takes pride in hiring older workers because they know their vast work experience rubs off on other workers in a positive manner and leads to more productivity.

If you are a senior, you should know that a job at Chick Fil A would mean you would be highly regarded as one of their workers. The rewards are wonderful for those wanting to augment their retirement income. The job does require you to stand for long periods of time but the positive aspect of this is that you will also have the benefit of staying active and getting some exercise while on the job.

 How Should You Apply at Chick Fil A?

The best way to pursuChick Fil A prides itself on hiring younger and older workers.e trying to get hired at Chick Fil A is to target a franchise-owned store and apply in person. People who own franchises tend to have a much more relaxed policy where you don’t have to go online to apply for a job there.

This means you should show up dressed in nice clothing and introduce yourself to store management with the hopes of being able to fill out a printable Chick Fil A application right there on the spot. You may even meet the actual owner of the store if you are lucky!

The whole idea is to begin networking and to start talking to people who have a hand in the hiring process at the company. It is entirely possible that they will tell you to go home and fill out the application online, so be prepared for that, but make sure you try your best to make a lasting impression on whomever you meet at the store.